Checking my GAMI spread.

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Plenty of information on this screen. In no hurry, running LOP, richest cylinder is 11degrees C LOP and the first to peak is a massive 33 degrees C LOP. The GAMI spread is shown at 2.95 litres, normally a little better than that but still running smooth. 56% power, 226 TAS on 48lts/hr. That will do me until I get the fidgets and improve the GAMI spread. What an aeroplane…..Oh for the RV drivers, 30lts/hr gives me anything from 190 to 210kts TAS dependant on altitude..


A great shot from Reno.

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Mark Huffstutler’s IVP in form with a pair of good looking Legacy’s at Reno.

27th Dec 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone.

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Zeeyah got into the Christmas spirit…

I took my crash buddy for a quick trip to Essendon and back yesterday….don’t ask why.

At about 6’6″ tall, he reckons he only got premium economy not first….check the knees and you will know why. Here we are heading home at FL130. Groundspeed 234kts thats 4 kts tail…whoopee. Very hot showing a density altitude of 15700′.

A beautiful day for a fly. 1:45 (YWBN-YMEN) down and 1:35 (YMEN-YWBN) back. Thats pretty good in a little aeroplane built in the garage.

Still some low level cloud out there in the distance. Ahh the serenity ELW.

Humming along.

Had a spell from the serious stuff today. So my little aeroplane took me flying, all I had to do was a little button pushing. Wederburn to overhead Camden and then direct Richmond followed by radar vectors, left circuit for the ILS Z RWY 28. At the minima the published missed approach then left turn back to Wedderburn. No delay and worked beautifully. Here is the ground track.

The Paragliding guys busy at Stanwell today.

Sea Cliff Bridge.

What am I following here.

Yep it was a contrail.